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About this newsletter

Hi, this is Satish Panikkar.

If you are looking for business ideas and opportunities, you shouldn’t miss this offer we have for you.

Maybe you want to start a side hustle to bring in additional income or add to your retirement funds.

Maybe you want to grow a business that can bring in more than your salaried income and allow you to quit your 9-to-5, avoid the stressful commute or a moody boss, or spend more time with your family.
Maybe you want the freedom to be at any place of your liking in the world and yet continue to bring in an income that takes care of your expenses an then some.

Maybe you are not sure how long you can hold on to your job given the current state of the economy and want to establish your own income streams.

You have been looking for ideas for your new income stream. You have scoured the internet looking for ideas, you have your name on several mailing lists that promise business opportunities.

But all you have got till now are those generic, rehashed blog posts about “18 ideas for side hustles” type of articles without any real life examples that you can evaluate or learn from. Or worse: you’ll be advised trap yourself in time consuming, unsustainable and unpredictable “work”, answering surveys for pennies, mystery shopping, typing for cash, etc.

And all those emails from marketers and “gurus” trying to sell you the next “3 Step Program For A Flood of Cash”, or the next webinar that tries to part you from hundreds of dollars, if not thousands of dollars, of your hard earned cash to tell you how to get rich quick without doing any work.

Too many promises, too many unworkable ideas and none giving you details about a real business that is built successfully on any of those ideas.

If you are looking for real ideas and opportunities for starting your next business, then I invite you to subscribe to our online newsletter, The Business Ideas Journal.

We will send you 2–4 editions every month. Each edition will bring you details of little-known businesses that someone is actually running profitably and making a comfortable living from. Ideas from which you can choose your next business.

We show you the actual details, websites, traffic and earnings statistics of these businesses; interviews and podcasts with the owners where available; case studies, and any other available information that can help you decide whether this business idea works for you.

Clicking the button will take you to the subscription page. Subscription is free for a limited time!

What qualifies me to bring you this newsletter?

In a banking career spanning over three decades (mainly in the credit department) I have studied many businesses of different models, industries and sizes. Businesses that have thrived, businesses that have struggled and survived, and businesses that could not survive. I have interacted closely with hundreds of business people and have gained insight into the kind of ideas that have been successful.

I have been following online businesses for over two decades. I remember the excitement when John Reese made a million dollars in one day, the first time anyone did this from an online business, so you can guess how long I have been studying this.

(An article I wrote about how Adsense was corrupting the internet, in 2005, is still available on many websites.)

I read many emails and newsletters about businesses and business offers, have been doing it for years. I have seen different business models being tried out over the years, and how some of them have evolved.

These days, too many marketers are pushing get-rich-quick, push-button schemes and many beginners are enticed to part with their limited resources to chase these chimeras.

If you have purchased these offers, you are not at fault—the sales letters are so cleverly worded to convince anyone that earning money online is easy and requires no work. Unfortunately, such scams have increased in recent times because more and more people are looking for ways to bring in additional income, or to replace their salaries with a comfortable business income.

Which is what has prompted me to publish this newsletter, to bring you information about genuine businesses that are successful and bringing in steady profits to their owners. Ideas that other people have successfully implemented and can also work for you.

So I invite you to subscribe to our newsletter.

If you are looking to launch a business, I am sure you will find within The Business Ideas Journal something that is in line with your skills and ambition.

We will even point you to resources that can help you set up sooner and start earning quicker!

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How much is it worth to you?

As I’ve already said, I am sure you will find within The Business Ideas Journal something that is in line with your skills and ambition.

You can set up your own business based on one of the many ideas you find in the newsletter. You can model your business marketing and growth strategies based on one of the businesses that we show you.

You can start earning a side income that will over time become your main source of income, giving you the freedom to not have a 9 to 5 job or a boss, the freedom to spend more time with your family, the freedom to live anywhere.

How much is money freedom, the freedom from stress about paying your bills and providing a comfortable living for your family, worth?

What price will you put on the freedom from the daily commute, fixed hours and a hard to please boss?

How much is mastery over your own time – and not living by a schedule set by someone else—worth?

What would it mean to have location freedom – living near your dear ones, your friends, or someplace where you enjoy the climate and the ambience and the people? What would it be worth?

See, the value of the Business Ideas Journal cannot be determined by its price!

Okay, how much?

It takes a team to research and produce these newsletters, so we cannot give it away for free. Considering that courses with rehashed, outdated information are selling for $20, $47 or even $97 (where the sales copy is wickedly convincing), The Business Ideas Journal must be valued at $150 dollars at the very least.

However, we want to bring our newsletter to as many people as possible, people who are looking for real, workable business ideas.

WE also wish to get it into the hands of as many persons as possible now, because we would like to have feedback about the content and the frequency from readers — as a new publication we would like to know that we are publishing what our readers really want.

How does free sound?

So, for a limited period, we are offering your subscription to the Business Ideas Journal for free.

Fill up your email address and press that button below to subscribe, for free, NOW!

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All the best,

Satish Panikkar & The Business Ideas Journal Team